Before You Move

Before You Move

Your movers or moving vehicle rental:

  • It's a good idea to obtain estimates from several moving companies.
  • The estimate will depend on whether the movers pack everything or just the breakables, or whether you want to do all the packing yourself.
  • Think about getting an appraisal on your expensive items so you can insure them for your move.
  • To save costs, consider renting a moving van or truck and arranging for your friends and family to help you pack. Don't forget to read the fine print for mileage allowances and fuel surcharges.

Your utilities - if you own your present home:

  • Arrange to have your gas, water, and electricity meters read on the day you leave. Have the bills forwarded to your new address.
  • Have your oil tank read and filled before your sale closes and, if required, give the receipt to your legal professional.
  • Arrange for the water heater and furnace rental agreements to be transferred to the purchaser.
  • Disconnect your telephone, cable TV, and water softener.

Your agreements - if you rent your present home:

  • Give your landlord written notice and make arrangements for the return of any deposits.
  • Have your telephone and cable TV disconnected.

Your utilities - at your new home:

  • Arrange to have gas and electricity, water softener, telephone, and cable TV connected on the day the sale closes.

General to-dos:

  • Get change-of-address cards from the post office and send them out well before moving day.
  • Have the post office forward your mail to your new address.
  • Cancel contracted services and pre-authorized cheques.
  • Inform gardening, dry cleaning, garbage pick-up, newspapers, magazines, diaper, and other home services of your move. Arrange for service at your new address.
  • Get a letter of introduction from your bank to help set up new accounts. Transfer trust or bank accounts and securities.
  • Cancel or transfer social, athletic, civic, religious, or business affiliations and memberships.
  • Ask your dentist, doctor, pharmacist, and optometrist to transfer medical, dental, and prescription records.
  • Change the address on your driver's license effective the day of your move.
  • Collect all items out for cleaning or repair, or in storage.
  • Make arrangements to move perishables, such as plants.
  • Make arrangements to move your pets.
  • Dispose of all flammable liquids. It is illegal for movers to carry them.

Find a detailed week-by-week checklist for your move here.

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